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Vibrant Kids Ministry

We love kids! During your children’s time in Mill City Kids, they will learn about Jesus, meet friends, and experience God, all while having fun in a safe and clean environment. We believe every child is created on purpose with a purpose so we aim to help kids step into all God has for them.

Engaging Worship

Worship is a response to something of worth. We believe Jesus is worthy of everything so we worship Him honestly and passionately. We gather and sing to orient our lives around who Jesus is and what He has done. Everyone is free to engage however they are most comfortable.

Authentic Teaching

Sunday morning teachings unpack the Scriptures and illuminate the ways our lives fit into God’s story of redemption. Messages are relevant, challenging, educational, and personal for wherever you might find yourself on your spiritual journey.

Life-Giving Community

Following Jesus is a we life, not a me life. We need honest relationships with others to become who God designed us to be. There are easy onramps into community to be known and make a large church small. Everyone is welcome!

Who We Are

Our Pastors

Aaron and Jossie Stern have been leaders in the local church for more than 15 years. Before planting Mill City, Aaron was the pastor of a college/20-somethings ministry in Colorado Springs. He has an undergraduate degree in business and a graduate degree in theology from Oral Roberts University. Jossie is a licensed professional counselor, has her undergraduate degree in communications, and a Masters in counseling. They have four boys and a passion for Northern Colorado to experience the life and hope found in Jesus.

Meet The Team

Our Story

In 2010, God began to deposit the dream of planting a life-giving, Jesus-centered church in the hearts of Aaron and Jossie Stern. Confirmation after confirmation led them to move their family from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins.

Since our first Sunday in February of 2012, we have seen God grow Mill City from a small team of people to a church with two locations and five gatherings every weekend. A strong, vibrant community has developed with a vision to see people know God, live in freedom, find their purpose, and make a difference.

We are a Jesus church, focused on what unites us and driven to carry His name to our city and beyond.

Our Mission

Reach people with the life-giving message of the gospel, so they become wholehearted followers of Jesus and join God in the renewal of all things

Our Values

Jesus is our lead story

Actually, Jesus is our only story. He is the central figure in history and in all we do. We believe Jesus is the unrivaled King over all creation, gave His life to redeem the world, and provides hope for all humanity. Jesus brings us to life. He deserves wholehearted devotion so we worship passionately, sacrifice willingly, and invite unashamedly. We don’t want to be identified by any other name. We are a JESUS church.

We love our city

We don’t just have a vision for our church; we have a vision for our city. Gathering as a church is not about feeding our self-interests and personal desires. The mission of our church is part of God’s grand mission to renew the whole world. We are passionate about people outside our church knowing Jesus and His purpose for their lives. We will leverage our resources, give up our seats, and push past our comfort zones to see the lost found and heaven touch earth.

We are family

We believe church is more than a building you enter; it is a family to which you belong. That’s why we call it a House. Church is not about attendance, but about relationship. Relationships can be messy, so we commit to work things out, kill gossip, and fight for unity. Relationships are built on trust, and trust is built on honesty, so we resist pretense. Families work best when everyone participates, so we empower others and give all we have and all we are toward the common good.

We embrace radical generosity

We are recipients of the greatest gift the world has ever known…the extravagant love of God expressed in Jesus. When we experience this, we cannot help but respond in kind. Generosity is not only about finances, it is about everything. We go the extra mile, assume the best, practice hospitality, forgive quickly and often, have a generous orthodoxy, see the gold in others, and love with abandon. Generosity isn’t something we do, it is who we are.

We practice sustainable rhythms

We are passionate about going the distance and enjoying the journey. We work hard and rest well. We believe that work is God’s idea, realizing a vision takes effort, Sabbath is resistance, recreation is restorative, and health matters. We measure our pace, embrace our limits, laugh a lot, and trust God’s timing and provision.

We care about the details

We see all of life as spiritual, so we pay attention to the small things and value beauty. Design and environment communicate, so we are intentional to create warm, welcoming spaces. Language shapes imagination, so we are mindful of how words invite or repel. We eliminate clutter, wipe counters, pick up trash, and treat things as if they were our own.

We are desperately dependent upon the Holy Spirit

Reliance, not self-sufficiency, is the name of the game. We aren’t interested in what we can do in our own strength when we are connected to the power that raised Jesus from the dead. As advocate, helper, and friend, the Holy Spirit is the transforming power within for us to become who we are designed to become, and do all we are created to do. We pray often, listen expectantly, relinquish independence, and partner with the Holy Spirit to empower us to fulfill the mission of God.

Mill City Connect

We believe followers of Jesus need to belong to a family. Our way of making that as easy as possible is called Mill City Connect. Mill City Connect is the best step to understand who we are and participate in where we are going.

Connect classes are held every Sunday at both of our locations at 11:30 a.m., Lunch and Mill City Kids provided.

Step One:

Welcome To Our House

Hear our story and understand our vision as you learn how to connect with our church family.

Step One takes place the first Sunday of every month. Lunch and Mill City Kids provided.

Step Two:

Discover Your Design

Identify your gifts and find out how your design reveals your purpose in life and your best fit in ministry.

Step Two takes place the second Sunday of every month.Lunch and Mill City Kids provided.

Step Three:

Develop Your Potential

Explore what it means to lead in our house and learn how you can strengthen your character and gifting to fulfill your potential.

Step Three takes place the third Sunday of every month. Lunch and Mill City Kids provided.

Step Four:

Join the Team

Engage with the opportunities available in our house to live out your purpose and serve others by using your God-given gifts.

Step Four takes place the fourth Sunday of every month. Lunch and Mill City Kids provided.