Generosity Sunday

Generosity Sunday is happening on December 11 during our Sunday gatherings. This is a time when everyone brings an offering over and above what we normally give so we can do above and beyond what we could normally do as a church. We will give this special offering away to make a difference right here in Northern Colorado. Through our collective generosity, we hope to be a part of the solution to homelessness in our region. Together with several of our local partners, we will provide needed funds for rent and utilities to those on the verge of homelessness, warm meals and job training for those trying to get off the streets, and support and care for Lincoln Middle School families struggling to make ends meet.

Generosity isn’t just something we do; it is something we are. Just imagine the difference we can make if the church is known as the most compassionate and generous people around. By ourselves, we might not be able to do much, but together,  we can make a big difference in Northern Colorado.


Sunday, December 8


During the Sunday Gatherings


University Center for the Arts located at 1400 Remington Street.