Dear Mill City,

Racism breaks my heart, and the heart of God. It is evil and real, today. 

This is an issue we have not adequately addressed or engaged in fighting. I am sorry for not leading us better, and repent for my inaction. We must do better, we will do better.

We commit to being a part of the change. We stand heartbroken and angry as racism, injustice, and evil continue. We hate how Black men and women are victims of senseless violence. To the people of color in our house and beyond, we love you. We stand with you. We grieve. We lament. We pray for hearts to change, righteous leaders to rise, and systems to protect and empower. We ask God to show us how to be a part of the healing and for glimpses of His glory. We yearn for the Kingdom to be seen here and now. 

We echo the words of Dr. J. Derek McNeil, president of The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology. 

“May we be people of faith who do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God. May our prayers not only be words—may our prayers move into our hands and feet in service to our neighbor. May our cries for justice extend into our relationships and the fabric of our communities.” 

This is not just a hot topic issue; this is an until earth is like heaven issue. We understand lasting change doesn’t happen overnight, and we commit for the long haul. We are working on a long term plan which includes but is not limited to: learning from authors and theologians of many races, updating our Apprenticeship curriculum, mandatory training for staff and leaders, working toward more diversified leadership and continuing to designate a portion of our giving to support organizations which fight for justice and equality.  

I love you and am honored to follow Jesus with you. 

For His fame,

Lead Pastor | Mill City Church