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Kids & Families

We love families!  Every week we partner with parents to point kids to Jesus, and we hope to continue this in the weeks to come. We are convinced there will be many unique opportunities for you to share the hope of Jesus with your kids like never before. We want to help. Below you will find resources to help you engage your kids on Sunday and into the week.

What You Can Do

We can all play a part to extend the love of Jesus every day through care and assistance to those around us. Reach out to those you know might be isolated, vulnerable, or in need of encouragement, prayer, a grocery run, childcare or a meal. Keep your eyes open, pray for our local health care workers, elected officials and those impacted by COVID-19, and bring peace wherever you go.

What We Are Doing

We can make a significant difference when we pool our resources together. We have been in contact with Lincoln Middles School, Bauder Elementary, and our local partners to assess current and upcoming needs. In response we created a fund to help families with meals and childcare assistance, as well as support new needs as they arise in our community. Let’s love our city and give generously.