Make It Personal

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Leaders – the most important thing we do is – pray. Then, leaders make it safe & personal.

In many environments it is easier for a discussion to be theoretical than for it to be personal. Of course, there is value in learning things that are interesting – but our hope is that groups are transformational. Transformation happens when groups are vulnerable and personal.

Vulnerability starts with the leader. Our groups will mirror the way we lean in and share ourselves. Leaders can also use some tools to help their groups be more personal. Here are some questions to help make things personal and some practices to help groups be more personal.

Tips to make it personal

  • Spend time sharing stories (i.e. testimonies, how they came to know Jesus, their life story, etc.)
  • Do a weekly check-in with a simple question. For example “what the best and worst part of your week?”
  • Ask a follow-up question when people share. For example, “tell us more about that.”
  • Break the group into smaller groups for discussion
  • Break the group into pairs or threes to pray for one another
  • Rotate host homes, giving others an opportunity to host and share their home.
  • Affirm what people say, validate them and thank them when they share
  • Instead of answering every question, ask the group what they think. Personal questions for group discussion :
  • What about this (book, chapter, message, etc) is most convicting/impactful for you?
  • Is there anything the Holy Spirit has brought to mind this week?
  • How did what we talk about last week impact you this week?
  • How can we support you this week?


You can also check “25 Great Questions” for more ideas.