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This Week at Church


Hi Families! Raising kids who love Jesus takes an army. We believe through your partnership, God is forming wholehearted followers of Jesus. We will provide an online gathering every Sunday for your kids to participate in, in a House Gathering or at home. We are expectant for the opportunity that House Gatherings provide to model faith to your child and to engage spiritually with them. Additionally, there will be resources to help you continue learning and having conversation with your kids throughout the week.

Our video for this week is below. We included a short summary of the content so you’ll know what to expect. If you are hosting a House Gathering, we encourage you to invite the kids to join the adults for worship! This is a great way for your kids to watch their parents model faith. After worship concludes, you can start the Online Kids Gathering. Doing this will give your House Gathering more time for discussion at the end.

At the Movies

Big Idea – I can share love

This month we will be going through our Kids At the Movies series where we will be looking for God-size Truth in some of our favorite movies. God is in everything and He is even in the movies that we watch. We are so excited to teach your kiddos about God through these modern-day stories.

This week, we will be discussing what God has to teach us through Paddington 2. The heart-felt story of our favorite, friendly bear will remind us of how God encourages us to share love with others.

Discussion Questions

Early Childhood

  • How did Paddington treat others?
  • How can you be kind to others?


  • What was it about Paddington that brought out the best in others?
  • How can you see the good in other people?

There is a House Gathering for You
… and Your Fam


We know this is a hard season for everybody, with lots of change and disruption – and by the time you get to the weekend it’s hard to have “one more thing” to do – or “one more screen” to put your kids in front of … well, we see you, and believe House Gatherings are the answer. Our prayer is for House Gatherings to be a clean, safe, and fun place for your whole family to engage with God and with others. We are better together.

We have an online Kids Gathering available via Zoom for your kids if you have not found a House Gathering yet, or are being mindful of physical distancing. If you would like your kiddos to join us on Sunday mornings, please E-mail us at These online gatherings take place from 9 – 10 a.m. and are led by the Mill City Kids Directors: Olivia and Kirsten.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Kids team directly, or check out the links below. ❤️
The “Find or Form My House Gathering” button will lead to a survey that will just take two minutes to complete!


Looking for More?


Our team knows you’ve got a lot on your plate, here are some fun activities you can use throughout the week.



Fun helps get wiggles out, but it also can capture attention and young hearts. Use a group game before you start, or to give kids a break during the video.

Pass it On
Gather the Following Materials:
– A stack of paper
– A writing utensil for everyone that is playing

Step 1: Give every player a piece of paper and have each player write a word or a sentence on it. Examples include:

  • I love Christmas!
  • My favorite person
  • It’s pink, big, and very scary
  • Cow jumping over the moon
  • Birthday cake on fire

The possibilities are endless!

Step 2: Once every player has something written down, pass your pieces of paper to the person on your right. Once everyone has received a new piece of paper, have everyone draw the word or phrase underneath what is written.

Step 3: Once a picture is drawn, fold the paper over what was written so that only the picture can be seen and pass it to the person next to you. Once you receive a new piece of paper, write down what you think the drawing is of. Once you have something written down, fold the drawing over, and pass it on. Have the next person draw what you wrote.

Step 4: Keep doing this until there is no more space on the piece of paper, or the page that you started with comes back around to you.

Step 5: Have everyone unfold their pages and share the sequence of descriptions and drawings. This is when things get pretty funny!