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This Week at Church


Hi Families! Raising kids who love Jesus takes an army. We believe through your partnership, God is forming wholehearted followers of Jesus.

Early Childhood


Join Emily and Shine for a Bible Adventure. This week we’ll look at the miracle Jesus performed when he turned one boy’s lunch into enough loaves and fishes to feed a huge crowd.

Big Idea: Nothing is too hard for God because He is bigger than everything!

Discussion Questions

  • Is anything bigger than God? No.
  • What do you think is the biggest thing God made? Answers will vary. Idea: the ocean, mountains, space, etc.



This week, Konnect HQ will help us learn about God’s amazing power.

Big Idea: God wins. Evil loses.

Discussion Questions

  • What is far greater than any evil or bad thing we face in the world? The Holy Spirit who lives in us
  • Who is on God’s side in the spiritual war? Everyone who trusts in and follows Jesus
  • God already won. Why do you think the evil side keeps trying to attack? Answers will vary. Idea: Evil wants to hurt God—but it can’t—so evil tries to hurt us because God loves us
  • What reasons do you think we have to not be afraid of evil attacks? Answers will vary. Ideas: The power of the Holy Spirit in us, God’s already won, the armor of God protects us and helps us fight, etc

Join us on Sundays

Online Location → Our Video is available all week so be sure to tune in for fun, laughter, and rich Bible teaching. And don’t forget, we have a special Zoom call each week from 10-10:30 a.m. for your kids! Our team is ready to see, love, and walk alongside your kids each week. We can’t wait to see you. ❤️

Harmony Location → Mill City Kids is available each week in-person at 8:30 & 10 a.m. Please note that Mill City Kids is not available at our 11:30 a.m. gathering. We’ve created a safe, special, FUN environment for your kids to encounter God and grow in relationship with Jesus and others. Check out the link below to reserve your seat!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Kids team directly, or check out the links below.


Looking for More?


Our team knows you’ve got a lot on your plate. Here are some fun activities you can use throughout the week.

Resources & Activities