The Six Acts

Thank you for partnering with us on this exciting journey! The Six Acts are a creative and effective way of understanding God’s plan through the narrative of Scripture. In exploring each Act, we establish and practice the hope of Jesus within the context of God’s big story. The following Acts are meant to establish a foundation of understanding and a call to action within the context of our home. Despite the family dynamic you find yourself in currently, we believe that God desires to grow you closer to Him together. Below you will find within each Act a Summary of the Act, a Family Practice, and Great Questions for the Family as you consider its implications. Please note that this is not intended to be accomplished but rather enjoyed as your family grows in faith and relationship.

Act 1: Creation

Genesis 1-2

God created a perfect world. He made the heavens, earth, and everything in them. God looked at His creation and saw that it was good. He dwelt alongside His creation and commissioned humanity to reflect His glory as those created in His image, to reproduce and rule over the earth. There was no separation between God and His creation- heaven and earth were perfectly whole and united. God gave the people directions for living and the freedom to choose, and He asked for trust and obedience in return.


As a family, consider reading Genesis 1-2. Don’t feel obligated to read the passage quickly. Rather, spend time in the Word, even if it takes multiple days or a week! This reading is an experience intended to create awe and wonder at the power and magnificence of our God. Incorporate fun elements into your day by encouraging an art project together or looking for diversity in nature. There are many different ways to celebrate God’s creativity in us!

Great Questions for the Family

What is the most amazing thing God created, in your opinion? Why?

What in creation most represents God’s power? His love? His peace? Etc.

How did God create mankind differently from everything else?

What do you think it would be like to always dwell with God?

Act 2: Rebellion

Genesis 3, Isaiah 64:6, Romans 3:23

Because of God’s great love, humanity was given the freedom to choose. Those God created chose to believe lies crafted by the enemy of God. They began to doubt God’s perfect plan and eventually disobeyed His instruction. Their decision to trust themselves and rely on their own understanding had devastating results. Death and the disease of sin entered the world, and their connection with God was broken. Heaven and earth were separated, and the consequences of pain, disease, and disaster infiltrated creation and became part of the human condition.


As a family, read Genesis 3. Take time to focus on the discomfort of the narrative unfolding. This passage is a tragedy, and we have permission to feel the weight of what transpired. This is a great time to check in on our children and encourage them to communicate what they’re feeling as they read/listen. Throughout the following days and weeks, consider exploring the consequences of sin in our world today. Point out news articles and things you see as modern examples of an ancient consequence. We need God today as much as Adam and Eve needed Him in the garden. Finally, be sure to point out that, even in brokenness, God is still present. He was present in the garden, and He is present today if we have the eyes to see.

Great Questions for the Family

Why do you think Adam and Eve believed the enemy’s lies?

How did God respond to his children disobeying?

What lies do you think people often believe today?

How do you see brokenness in the world today? At school? At home? Etc.

Act 3: Israel

Genesis 15, Exodus 20, Lamentations 3:22-23

The world and every human in it had been infected with sin, unable to cure themselves. God, Himself, would become The Cure. First, He chose a man and, from that man, a family. The Israelites would be God’s chosen people, tasked with being set apart for God’s purposes so that they might carry the promise of the Cure. The Israelites suffered from sin like all other generations and required God’s rescue again and again. God’s covenant with His people would shine against the darkness of the world.


As a family, read Genesis 15 and Exodus 20. Take note of the way God relates to Abraham and His people. God cares for Israel the way parents care for their children. God’s laws were love and proved wise against the backdrop of a world that did not know Him. Consider the rules and laws of your home and the way it operates. If you haven’t done so already, this would be a great time to explain why certain rules are in place for our good, even when we desire something different. Let love lead the conversation. Finally, spend the coming days and week discussing what it looks like to be set apart for God in today’s world as chosen people.

Great Questions for the Family

Why do you think God chose Abraham to do such great things?

God displayed love through his 10 Commandments. How can rules and commandments actually show love?

Why is it so difficult to follow God’s commandments all the time?

Are there any rules in your life that you struggle to understand?

Act 4: Jesus

John 3:16-17, Philippians 2:1-11, Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, 2 Corinthians 5:17-21

God sent His Son, Jesus, fully God and fully man, to become The Cure. For hundreds of years, kings and prophets of Israel predicted and promised a future messiah- Rescuer, Savior, and King. All of these prophesies became true in Jesus. He was sinless but took on Himself the sin of humanity through His death on the cross. Through this act of love and obedience, God made a way for His people to be with Him again. His healing plan to fix a broken world was underway and irreversible. Not only had Jesus provided the cure, He defeated death and sin through His resurrection and mobilized those who believed to live consistent with the calling they had received.


As a family, work on memorizing John 3:16-17. Also, explore one or two Gospels! Open the door for questions and amazement as you see how Jesus lived, healed, and taught throughout His ministry. It is appropriate for this stage to last weeks as you develop a broader sense of the person, sacrifice, and resurrection of Jesus. Occasionally point out the date (2023) as evidence of a world that turned upside-down because of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Look for evidence in today’s world that Jesus is alive. News articles, experiences, and observations are all ways to develop a greater awareness of our Resurrected King as a family.

Great Questions for the Family

What do people you know believe about Jesus? What do you believe?

How do you know Jesus is alive today?

Why do you think God would send Jesus into the world?

Why do you think some people struggle to believe in Jesus?

Act 5: Church

Acts 2, Hebrews 10:24-25, Ephesians 1:13-14

You are here! This is the Act where we currently find ourselves. Because of Jesus and all He has done, God’s family extends to all who believe. We are The Church, and we have a mission, not only to live set-apart, but also to participate in sharing the Good News of Jesus! God, then, provided His Holy Spirit after Jesus’ ascension to guide and lead believers to God and into the world. And, while the Kingdom of Heaven has come, it is not yet fully here.


As a family, read Acts 2. The book of Acts is filled with wonderful, inspiring stories of God’s glory on display through men and women like us! If this is the Act we find ourselves in today, consider exploring more of God’s power that resides in you. What gifts has God given you and your children? What ways has He set you apart for His glory? Revelation 12:11 says that [the church] overcame the enemy “by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony.” Your testimonies are excellent places to begin understanding the power of what God has done and is doing in your lives! Consider having meetings as a family over the following weeks/months and allow someone to share their story of faith. Allow your home to be the safest place for this discussion. Finally, consider as a family joining City Groups for greater community and making a public declaration of faith through water baptism if you have not already done so.

Great Questions for the Family

How do you think God wants to use the church?

When do you think the church is at its best?

What has God given you (gifts, talents, etc.) that make the church more effective?

What do you think is the next step in your faith?

Act 6: Redemption

Revelation 21:1-5, Isaiah 65:17–19, Psalm 130:5

This final Act has not fully come. As followers of Jesus, we wait for His return to eliminate sin and death once-and-for-all. God’s healing plan for creation will be complete at the formation of a new heaven and earth – united once again. Jesus is the King and will rule over His Kingdom for eternity. We will dwell in the presence of God forever.


As a family, read Revelation 21:1-5. Just as sea separates land, sin has separated us from God. This division will not exist in the new heaven and earth. Even now, we live theoretically one-foot-in and one-foot-out of this reality until Act Six comes to pass. We can live in the light of eternity now, however. The Kingdom of Heaven is one of delight. How can you delight in the purposes of God today? School, work, chores…they are difficult in the present age, but their holy purposes remain. Consider as a family adopting the practice of serving those who live next door. How can you love the people God has placed beside you? With summer quickly approaching, your family may have increased opportunities to converse, love, and serve your neighbors. Let’s establish God’s Kingdom here first.

Great Questions for the Family

What are you most excited for about this Act?

How can you live today as if God’s Kingdom is already here?

Is there someone in our neighborhood God has placed on your heart?

What do you feel when you think about what God has in store for us?