Church at home?  What a great opportunity! Think comfy, convenient, and personal.  Families, thank you for planning to gather with us online.  We are confident that your time including your kids in church-at-home will be a valuable investment. If you want to include some of our Mill City Kids elements in your Sunday as a family, use this outline to help:

We start with fun! 

  • Gather your family in a common area to play, dance or tell jokes together
  • Try: tic tac toe games on a window with a dry erase marker, playing a song to silly-dance to like this one from Bethel Kids Worship, or
We focus our hearts and choices on God.
  • Talk about values. Use some of our Mill City Kids language to help set expectations at home.
  • Love God. We want to show God love with our hearts, souls, strength and minds. How do we love with:
–Our heart? Our feelings and words are focused on Him during worship and prayer.
–Our soul? Our core-self (attitudes, choices, beliefs) makes decisions that are kind and honest.
–Our strength? Our bodies/talents are used to connect with God and help others to do the same. We use our energy for fun/worship and self control for times to listen.
–Our mind? Our thoughts focus on the Big Idea, key Bible verse, and other Truths.
  • Love People. We want to show love to our family members.
  • We pray. Praying out loud in front of your kids and for them is powerful spiritual leadership. Ask God to comfort, teach, and connect your family during this time.
We worship.
We learn. 
  • Watch the main gathering message all together on Sunday, or play the Kids Video for younger family members.
  • Link can be found under ‘Kids & Families’ here.
We connect.
  • Make family conversations relational + memorable:
  • Try building a fort and then ask: What was the Big Idea today?  What is God teaching us? How can we invite Jesus into our family more this week?