Work isn’t a paycheck, a job, or a title. It is so much bigger than that. Work is what God did to create the world and what He commissioned humans to do. Work was woven into the fabric of humanity from the very beginning. Just as God brought order out of chaos, we are to bring the loving order of God into the world. Whether you are a baker, parent, plumber, student, civil engineer, or a food truck owner, your work is sacred and matters.

This doesn’t mean that work isn’t hard, tedious, or even downright boring at times. It can be these things and more because of the curse applied to work as a result of the entrance of sin into the world. Even so, we don’t work to live; we live to work.

This perspective can be a countercultural message, an overlooked topic in the church, or a point of deep frustration. Want to dive into this subject more? Check out the following resources.

Frederick Buechner said, “Work is the place where your deep gladness meets the world’s deep need.”

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