We adjust our lives around time. Clothing and schedules are different in the fall than the summer. We set goals and remember milestones with dates and times. We plan for and around the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and other American holidays. These are good things to enjoy, but without intentionality we can get sucked into the individualism, consumerism, or cynicism of our culture.

The Church calendar seeks to redeem our time and orient our hearts and minds around the life of Jesus. When I was growing up, I thought Advent was all about a calendar with little windows to open every day with chocolate behind them. I loved Advent! Little did I know that Advent is so much bigger. Advent means “arrival” and throughout this season we remember the waiting of the Jewish people for the arrival of the Messiah and tune into our longing for His second coming. The season of Advent starts on the fourth Sunday before Christmas.

Below are two links to resources written by pastor friends of mine. I encourage you to utilize either one individually, as a family, or as a City Group as we move toward Christmas to help us engage this season more intentionally and live into the story of Jesus.

Download “The Advent, Daily Office” by Rich Villodas