As the family of God, and at Mill City Church in particular, we gather to worship each Sunday morning for many reasons. God is at work in our lives throughout the week, and our singing and declaring and listening together on Sunday mornings flows from our victories, defeats, a need for comfort, a moment to breathe, or a chance to ‘shout from the rooftops!’ This kind of expression isn’t restricted to Sunday mornings – in fact, the singing also trains our response for encountering the circumstances we face during the week.

Corporate worship and prayer though, is not just restricted to Sundays. At Mill City we periodically pause to acknowledge a season, ask for specific guidance, and prepare ourselves and the spiritual climate around us in times of prayer and worship outside of Sunday mornings. The Days of Prayer we enter into every January and August serve that purpose as we ask God to do what only he can do – draw the searching home, direct us toward the calling on our lives, and pave the way for the work of his Spirit in Northern Colorado, through Mill City Church.

I want to encourage you to be a part. When a family gathers at a table every empty seat is noticed, and when a family stands in unity of God’s Spirit heads turn. In your greatest expectations, remember we serve a God who loves to exceed them!