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Wes Tongue

Wes was born in Atlanta, grew up in an Air Force family, and lived in seven states before settling in Colorado at the age of nine. He serves as the Mill City worship pastor and loves theologically informed lyrics and believes that the presence of God changes people. Wes was on staff at New Life […]

Justin Steinhart

Justin is a Colorado native, growing up on an alfalfa farm in Monte Vista. Once he graduated high school, he moved to Colorado Springs for college. At the start of his junior year he started attending theMILL where he first met Aaron Stern. During his time at theMILL he would go on a missions trip to […]

Nick Tompkins

Nick grew up around the cornfields of Indiana and is grateful to have transplanted to “God’s Country” and live close to the mountains. He met his wife, Hilary, in a small group in 2005 and married a year later. He loves the perspective and simple faith of kids and the great impact that is possible during […]

Aaron Stern

Aaron was born in Rochester, MN but has spent the majority of his life in Colorado. Before planting Mill City Church he was the pastor of theMILL, the college/20-somethings ministry at New Life Church in Colorado Springs for eleven years. He is a regular speaker at churches and conferences and the author of What’s Your Secret?: […]


Attending a new church can be an intimidating experience. Here’s some of what you can expect when you arrive at Mill City Church.

//lift team

God has given you unique abilities and passions so you can touch the lives of others.

//about city groups

God designed us to belong and we need each other to grow.

//mill city kids

Our goal is to partner with parents to help kids learn and grow in a fun and safe environment.


We don’t stress membership. We emphasize participation.

//our story

We are a Jesus church. Our aim is to lift up His name, spread His fame, and follow Him wholeheartedly.


Frequently Asked Questions


We believe that our faith shapes our lives. These are the core beliefs that inform our faith.