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God designed us to belong and we need each other to grow.

Life transformation happens in the context of relationship so it is imperative that we cultivate honest and life-giving community.

City Groups are small groups that meet throughout the week and run on a semester schedule (Fall, Spring, and Summer). Groups are formed around different interests, life stages, and passions driven by the following goals.

Connection: It can be difficult to meet people in larger contexts so smaller groups help to create space for getting to know one another personally.

Compassion: Whether a hospital visit, comfort in time of tragedy or groceries when things are tight the personal community should be the first to arrive. This only happens when we know one another and are doing life together.

Protection: We all have the ability to blow it. Alone we will be defined by our weaknesses but together we can benefit from the strength of others.

Mission: Each group looks to be the hands and feet of Jesus by paying attention to and meeting needs around their family, neighborhood, or workplaces.

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