// Aaron Stern

Lead Pastor

Aaron was born in Rochester, MN but has spent the majority of his life in Colorado. Before planting Mill City Church he was the pastor of theMILL, the college/20-somethings ministry at New Life Church in Colorado Springs for eleven years. He is a regular speaker at churches and conferences and the author of What’s Your Secret?: freedom through confession. Aaron loves unpacking the Scripture, engaging community and challenging individuals to bend their lives around God. He graduated from Oral Roberts University with a degree in business and later finished a graduate degree in theology.

Aaron and his wife Jossie have been married for over 20 years. Jossie came to know Jesus her junior year in high school. She has an undergraduate degree in communications and a Masters in counseling. She established a private practice before transitioning home full time to raise their four boys – Parker, Cohen, Brooks, and Smith.

Aaron likes breve cortados from Little Bird Bakeshop, Home Depot, and getting the mail; he dislikes tomatoes, the NFL off-season, and folding laundry.

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